Why I Am a Jerk

First of all, the title has a little bit of a "try to catch your eye" influence. I don't really think I am a jerk. I do however think I appear to be a huge jerk to alot of people, perhaps even to everyone sometimes.

The fact is I care for people more than anyone I know. I am so concerned with the welfare of everyone I meet. Because I am so concerned, I feel a sense of desperation when I see people I love - and even people I don't know - not loving and not respecting themselves. For instance, when I was in a relationship before I met Charis, Randy seemed like such a huge jerk to me, because he expressed his concern for me, sometimes almost violently. Because he loves me. Because I am his friend. And I'd even say, simply because I am a human being.

I view people as valuable. I want them to respect themselves. I want them to make good, wise decisions, for their own sake. This is crucial, I impose my worldviews whenever I believe is necessary, because I want to warn people of potential mistakes! I want all of you to be informed, to be pure and to be successful.

I hope you all realize what you're doing; if it's good, I hope you continue, if bad I pray you'll stop before you destroy yourself.

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