Majora's Mask Clock Widget (Android App) v. 1.2

Sounds are finally here! I have two of them for now: the "Dawn of the nth Day" with a cucco crowing and the wolf howling, for 6:00 and 18:00.  There is also the option to disable sounds, and sounds are off by default.

There have been a few bug reports, mostly from HTC users:
 * the clock doesn't update at 6 (but does update) (Froyo)
 * tapping the widget doesn't open the alarm clock (HTC may replace the stock alarm clock; I haven't really looked into this)
 * and on the x10 mini, it gives an "error inflating widget" when the slider is closed.

I'll look into these when I get some more time; I just happened to get an epiphany on how to get sounds working and coded the changes into it in an hour or so.

The next update will likely be mid-May or early July.  June is gonna be booked.