Updates to Vista and A Note About the Mainstream Media

On a light-hearted note, Vista has decided to resume a problem I'd thought had disappeared. Anything in fullscreen is liable to stop the computer causing it to eternally restart over and over until I start it in Safe Mode and shut it down. Haha, boy what a quirky little....

Anyway. Have any of you noticed that the media don't talk about how bad gas prices are anymore? Or about them at all, really? It's interesting; when gas prices are through the roof, they claim it to be the fault of Bush or of the oil companies. They then provide the solution: more regulation. But now that the price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped to a very affordable amount, not a word is said. Why don't they praise the oil companies? It's very simple, if you understand the liberals. Political Truth #4 says, "Liberalism engenders hate," and that it does, my friend.

Liberalism is an ideology which is dependent on people being mad at each other. There must always be a problem so that the solution (i.e. huge government) sequituriously always exists. Since, it requires catastrophe and disaster, it cannot report good news - unless of course it is good news with an underlying, impending crisis or a promotion of their left-wing agenda.

Notice that we're doing well in Iraq, yet nary a bit is mentioned.

The simple fact is this. The mainstream media is liberal and is ruthless in its pursuit of promoting its agenda.

Mark my words.

Once Obama is no longer advantageous to them, they will throw him away like they did Joe Lieberman (who as you might remember was a highly revered fellow back when he was on their presidential ticket).