These people don't know what they're saying

First off, a great story via Rush Limbaugh. "Eating fat is bad for you, right? Wrong, according to a new study. It had been the consensus, supported by 92% of scientists for years, but now we know it was incorrect. It should make you wonder about the current "consensus" on global warming." Hehe, I love how "scientists" know everything, they are the authority, the last say-so. Yet they vacillate like this all the time.

Okay, next: Hillary Clinton. What has she done? Name one thing she has done. She is a woman riding on her husband's coat-tails. Check out this letter. She is just a raging woman who wants power. She has changed her opinions depending on the polls. In 2003 she was in favor of the war. Now she's against it. She's another John Kerry!

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