Updates to Vista and A Note About the Mainstream Media

On a light-hearted note, Vista has decided to resume a problem I'd thought had disappeared. Anything in fullscreen is liable to stop the computer causing it to eternally restart over and over until I start it in Safe Mode and shut it down. Haha, boy what a quirky little....

Anyway. Have any of you noticed that the media don't talk about how bad gas prices are anymore? Or about them at all, really? It's interesting; when gas prices are through the roof, they claim it to be the fault of Bush or of the oil companies. They then provide the solution: more regulation. But now that the price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped to a very affordable amount, not a word is said. Why don't they praise the oil companies? It's very simple, if you understand the liberals. Political Truth #4 says, "Liberalism engenders hate," and that it does, my friend.

Liberalism is an ideology which is dependent on people being mad at each other. There must always be a problem so that the solution (i.e. huge government) sequituriously always exists. Since, it requires catastrophe and disaster, it cannot report good news - unless of course it is good news with an underlying, impending crisis or a promotion of their left-wing agenda.

Notice that we're doing well in Iraq, yet nary a bit is mentioned.

The simple fact is this. The mainstream media is liberal and is ruthless in its pursuit of promoting its agenda.

Mark my words.

Once Obama is no longer advantageous to them, they will throw him away like they did Joe Lieberman (who as you might remember was a highly revered fellow back when he was on their presidential ticket).


Vista Stinks - Issue 1

I have decided to chronicle all the issues I'm having with Windows newest mistake, Vista. For the record I have the Home 32-bit edition.

You will notice that the subject reads "Issue 1". I am expecting there to be many more, quite regular issues.

Today I was clicking in the Start Menu, about to open GIMP, when the Start menu suddenly closed and the busy animation on my cursor went off for a half second. I opened the menu again, thinking nothing of it, only to find the GIMP shortcut was no longer there. Along with a dozen other shortcuts. I searched and searched and estimate that 10 to 12 shortcuts were arbitrarily deleted. How convenient.


Gas Prices...Some More Stuff

Okay, so in New York, the State gas tax is 62.9 cents per gallon. Now gas just recently went to an average of 4.039 dollars per gallon. So if you work it out, that is an 18.4% tax rate! Imagine if you were to buy, say some pizza for 20 bucks; at that rate it would be 24 bucks once the tax got done with it.

The real reasons gas is high is government taxes, government regulation limiting our drilling and refining and increased demand by developing countries. It's largely supply and demand. The demand goes up and so does the price. We have huge China wanting gas, so the price goes up. The way to deal with this is to drill for more oil and refine more, but wait, we aren't allowed to because the idiots in the government won't let us.

Remember, Big Oil drills, refines, ships and pumps your gas for 8 cents per gallon profit. The government gets the numbers you see above for doing nothing, and will not let us drill.

Tell them to let up on the bureaucracy!

-=- Lysol


Tell The Government You Want Lower Gas Prices

You can read everything you need to about why gas prices are as high as they are here. The truth is, the government gets more money out of the oil industry than the oil companies do. In some states, the tax, per gallon, is as high as 80 cents! That means that instean of paying $3.50 for a gallon, you'd pay $2.70. Sounds like some good savings.

Additionally, our resources are limited, because environmentalists won't let the companies drill off-shore and in our own territories. This means we import alot, which drives the cost higher.

Some of you believe that the war is driving the cost higher. That is insignificant. The majority of our imported gas comes from North America (Canada and Mexico, for you liberals).

Now, all I ask is that you do the simple thing of clicking the links below, which are:
1) A link to the US Post Office's site to get your 9 digit zip code, which you'll need for the next link,
2) A link to the US House of Representatives, where you can e-mail your representatives
(in the top-left, enter your 9-digit zip code and click "Go," click on your representative,
and from the next page you can e-mail or better yet call the representative),
3) A link to the US Senate, where you can e-mail your senator
(in the top-left, select your state, hit go, then, for each senator, there are two links. Click on
the one given after "Web Form:" to contact the senator.),
4) A link to contact Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader,
5) A link to contact Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and
6) A link to contact the President of the United States, George Bush.

When you contact them, be polite, and say in a few words that you want the government to stop hindering the oil industry, because you're sick of the interference making gas prices high.

This won't take long, and if you are actually concerned about gas prices and yet are too lazy to do this, you are, quite frankly, an idiot.


-=- Lysol


We Do Not Need Universal Health Care

I want to say how grateful I am to God for what has just happened. I just called the billing office about my hospital expenses and found out that my bill of over $30,000, has been paid in full.

Now this is interesting, politically, because if you listen to a great many politicians (*cough* Hilary *cough cough* Obama), they will say that America needs a universal health care program. What they mean is a universal health insurance program. Because what we have now is a universal health care program. I had no insurance and yet was able to get a $10,000 surgery. And on top of that, my bill was paid, not by the government, but by individuals who donate money to charity.

"Whoa! Brandon, you mean the government isn't the solution?!" When have they ever been
the solution? Ever been to the DMV? Ever tried to file your taxes? When has the government ever done anything efficiently? Social Security is estimate to go bankrupt in 2041, Medicare to be thus by 2019. So it only makes sense to have yet another such program managed by the Federal Government.

In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem."

-- August 19 Update --
I have had a second surgery (in a different county) since this was originally posted, so, including the above surgery, I have had $75,000 of medical bills paid for by private charity. I have a few thousand dollars of debt to pay off, but when I called the various institutions, each arranged for me to pay $10 per month. Very manageable, even for someone living technically poor (there are no poor Americans).


Things are happening

Hmm... One blog per month. I think I can keep up with that. :)

So a lot has happened recently, personally and politically. The implosion of the Democratic party (hehe, thank you Rush), the release of Jeremiah Wright's hate speech videos on Youtube are both notable happenings. In reference to the political leaders, the title of this monthly blog could not more apt.

On a personal level, I now have an ileostomy, a semi-colon (hehe) and it looks like I'll be retaking this semester at Baylor. On the topic of my surgery and whatnot, I'd like to say I'm sorry for the first few days in the hospital when I acted like a jerk to everyone. I have no excuse for it, except that I really don't remember much of those first few days. It was rather traumatic waking to find a pouch stuck to me where there were previously massive abdominal muscles. All in all, I was a bit of a tyrant, and I'd like to apologize to all you guys. You are all amazing. Second surgery through which I've gone, and I once again had to be reminded of the incredible people you are. Someday, when I've gotten rich off of my geeky brain, I'll try to repay all of you. :)


Ben Stein for President

If this is true, I'll just say he'd make a better president than any of the current candidates for two reasons: 1) experience in the real world, not a political dream land, 2) a moral foundation not based on polls.