The FairTax looks like a good idea. It replaces all the taxes with a sales tax. So instead of you paying an income tax and a property tax and yada yada, you would pay a sales tax. This means you wouldn't have to mess with tax return forms etc, and would mean that you would get your gross income and spend it as you'd like. Here's something nice too: illegal immigrants would be forced to pay taxes, as every time they'd buy something, they'd be paying them. Additionally, everyone would be taxed the same; no more tax brackets. You'd pay taxes according to how much you spend, not how much you earn. Sounds nice.

I've noticed that time is much more valuable than money. Money is only valuable insofar as it provides a way to sustain our bodies (i.e. food, clothing doctor bills etc.) Recently, I've had tons of homework and no spare time. The weeks have flown by. Today, I finally had some time and noticed that bills were coming in too quickly. In spite of the bills, I was content, simply because I had time. Time is much more valuable than money as it cannot be regained. Money can be earned any time you want it, but once you spend time, it's spent for good. I'm 21, about a fourth of my life is gone, maybe a fifth, if I'm lucky. Heck, I've had a pretty good time so far - I'd consider that lucky. But those 21 years I had will not come back.

Spend your years wisely. Don't do stupid things. I know it's clicheic, but seriously, don't do drugs, don't drink to excess, don't hang out with the wrong crowd. Remember that what you do will influence other people. Even if you're alone - you'll influence your future decisions. Bad decisions form habits. You guys make good decisions, ok?

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