Majora's Mask Clock Widget Meets Back-To-School

I've made some progress on fixing a number of bugs and adding some features. Unfortunately, classes start tomorrow, so updates will again be slow.  I'm going to try to push out an update fixing the display bugs on Gingerbread phones, followed by others as the semester goes on.

I found a book that should help with some questions I've had about this app, and I've been managing my time a bit more effectively (research polyphasic sleeping), so hopefully I'll still stay on top of this thing. :)

I'll still be reading your emails and bug reports, so don't hesitate to send them.

Oh, and check out the awesome FAQ I (finally) made! :)


FAQ - Majora's Mask Clock Widget

Q: I can't open the clock. How do I view/open the clock?
A: This is a widget, so it's not a regular app.  Widgets are displayed on your homescreen. To add it to your homescreen, find a big enough space, tap and hold and select "Widgets". Scroll to the Majora's Mask Clock, and tap it.

Q: How do I read the clock?

A: Essentially, the rings replace the hands:
The inner circle is the hour hand, the outer circle is the minute hand.  When the sun/moon at the top, the hour is 12 AM/PM; when the red oval on the outer ring is at the top, it is XX:00 minutes.
There is an online Majora's Mask clock on deviantart.com with the corresponding time in digital format here.

Q: How do I change the settings?
A: Tap the widget or open the app from the app drawer.

Q: I am a HUGE Zelda fan! Have you thought about making ________?!
A: First I want to get this app down solid, then I have another app (an Earthbound/Mother 2 one :-D) that I'll be making. I am however open to suggestions, so feel free to email me ideas.

Q: On my phone this problem happens.  Should I report it to you?
A: YES! First try restarting your phone and/or reinstalling the app.  If it doesn't fix it, or it continues, report it.
     Please, PLEASE, report ALL errors in the following format:
     Very specific, but concise, description of the problem
     Phone model
     OS Version
     Custom ROM and/or homescreen launcher (e.g. GoLauncher, Launcher Pro etc.)
     Majora's Mask Clock Widget version (go into the settings or view it in Market).

Q: The sound doesn't work.
A: This app uses the media volume, so first make sure that's turned up.
     It might have a problem with some music apps, though I haven't heard of any instances of this.

Q: It stops updating/it doesn't work.
A: If you have a task killer (UNINSTALL IT!), make sure the clock is added to the whitelist. If you have one of them fancy X10 mini pros or a Gingerbread device, there might be an incompatibility issue there.  Don't fret! I plan on developing for all phones eventually, but some Gingerbread phones (specifically the Xperia line) have trouble with this app.

Q: Is there tablet support?
A: Kinda.  I know it works on some tablets, but I haven't specifically developed for them yet.

Q: Could you add ____? Could you change the way it ______?
A: Maybe.  If I like your idea, I just might. :)  Send me a feature suggestion (keep it precise and concise).

Q: I have some sounds/graphics you might want to use!
A: Excellent! BUT I won't necessarily use them; there's a high caliber there.  Also, keep in mind, I'm ripping most of the graphics/sounds straight from the game, so the position is, to a large degree, filled.

Q: What features have you got planned?
A: The kerchunk sound is in the works (working on it right now, 'smatter of fact). I got an awesome request, from Stephi, make the bell tolls a customizable alarm, so that's planned.  And I'd like to make the tap action customizeable, but that's a bit harder than I thought it'd be.

Q: I have a question not answered in this FAQ.
A: Send questions, bug reports, and feature requests to bdixon5 at gmail dot com.