Gas Prices...Some More Stuff

Okay, so in New York, the State gas tax is 62.9 cents per gallon. Now gas just recently went to an average of 4.039 dollars per gallon. So if you work it out, that is an 18.4% tax rate! Imagine if you were to buy, say some pizza for 20 bucks; at that rate it would be 24 bucks once the tax got done with it.

The real reasons gas is high is government taxes, government regulation limiting our drilling and refining and increased demand by developing countries. It's largely supply and demand. The demand goes up and so does the price. We have huge China wanting gas, so the price goes up. The way to deal with this is to drill for more oil and refine more, but wait, we aren't allowed to because the idiots in the government won't let us.

Remember, Big Oil drills, refines, ships and pumps your gas for 8 cents per gallon profit. The government gets the numbers you see above for doing nothing, and will not let us drill.

Tell them to let up on the bureaucracy!

-=- Lysol