Tell The Government You Want Lower Gas Prices

You can read everything you need to about why gas prices are as high as they are here. The truth is, the government gets more money out of the oil industry than the oil companies do. In some states, the tax, per gallon, is as high as 80 cents! That means that instean of paying $3.50 for a gallon, you'd pay $2.70. Sounds like some good savings.

Additionally, our resources are limited, because environmentalists won't let the companies drill off-shore and in our own territories. This means we import alot, which drives the cost higher.

Some of you believe that the war is driving the cost higher. That is insignificant. The majority of our imported gas comes from North America (Canada and Mexico, for you liberals).

Now, all I ask is that you do the simple thing of clicking the links below, which are:
1) A link to the US Post Office's site to get your 9 digit zip code, which you'll need for the next link,
2) A link to the US House of Representatives, where you can e-mail your representatives
(in the top-left, enter your 9-digit zip code and click "Go," click on your representative,
and from the next page you can e-mail or better yet call the representative),
3) A link to the US Senate, where you can e-mail your senator
(in the top-left, select your state, hit go, then, for each senator, there are two links. Click on
the one given after "Web Form:" to contact the senator.),
4) A link to contact Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader,
5) A link to contact Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and
6) A link to contact the President of the United States, George Bush.

When you contact them, be polite, and say in a few words that you want the government to stop hindering the oil industry, because you're sick of the interference making gas prices high.

This won't take long, and if you are actually concerned about gas prices and yet are too lazy to do this, you are, quite frankly, an idiot.


-=- Lysol