FAQ - Majora's Mask Clock Widget

Q: I can't open the clock. How do I view/open the clock?
A: This is a widget, so it's not a regular app.  Widgets are displayed on your homescreen. To add it to your homescreen, find a big enough space, tap and hold and select "Widgets". Scroll to the Majora's Mask Clock, and tap it.

Q: How do I read the clock?

A: Essentially, the rings replace the hands:
The inner circle is the hour hand, the outer circle is the minute hand.  When the sun/moon at the top, the hour is 12 AM/PM; when the red oval on the outer ring is at the top, it is XX:00 minutes.
There is an online Majora's Mask clock on deviantart.com with the corresponding time in digital format here.

Q: How do I change the settings?
A: Tap the widget or open the app from the app drawer.

Q: I am a HUGE Zelda fan! Have you thought about making ________?!
A: First I want to get this app down solid, then I have another app (an Earthbound/Mother 2 one :-D) that I'll be making. I am however open to suggestions, so feel free to email me ideas.

Q: On my phone this problem happens.  Should I report it to you?
A: YES! First try restarting your phone and/or reinstalling the app.  If it doesn't fix it, or it continues, report it.
     Please, PLEASE, report ALL errors in the following format:
     Very specific, but concise, description of the problem
     Phone model
     OS Version
     Custom ROM and/or homescreen launcher (e.g. GoLauncher, Launcher Pro etc.)
     Majora's Mask Clock Widget version (go into the settings or view it in Market).

Q: The sound doesn't work.
A: This app uses the media volume, so first make sure that's turned up.
     It might have a problem with some music apps, though I haven't heard of any instances of this.

Q: It stops updating/it doesn't work.
A: If you have a task killer (UNINSTALL IT!), make sure the clock is added to the whitelist. If you have one of them fancy X10 mini pros or a Gingerbread device, there might be an incompatibility issue there.  Don't fret! I plan on developing for all phones eventually, but some Gingerbread phones (specifically the Xperia line) have trouble with this app.

Q: Is there tablet support?
A: Kinda.  I know it works on some tablets, but I haven't specifically developed for them yet.

Q: Could you add ____? Could you change the way it ______?
A: Maybe.  If I like your idea, I just might. :)  Send me a feature suggestion (keep it precise and concise).

Q: I have some sounds/graphics you might want to use!
A: Excellent! BUT I won't necessarily use them; there's a high caliber there.  Also, keep in mind, I'm ripping most of the graphics/sounds straight from the game, so the position is, to a large degree, filled.

Q: What features have you got planned?
A: The kerchunk sound is in the works (working on it right now, 'smatter of fact). I got an awesome request, from Stephi, make the bell tolls a customizable alarm, so that's planned.  And I'd like to make the tap action customizeable, but that's a bit harder than I thought it'd be.

Q: I have a question not answered in this FAQ.
A: Send questions, bug reports, and feature requests to bdixon5 at gmail dot com.