Some Global Warming Stories

I thought these stories were particularly amusing. Read them with a pound or two of salt (and possibly a bit of alcohol) and they almost make sense. :)

Poison Ivy caused by Global warming!
What's interesting about this is if poison ivy is growing more due to higher CO2 levels, what other plants might be growing more? Could it be that as more CO2 is in the air, more plants appear, meaning that nature is balancing itself as it does in every other area (i.e. water cycle, food chain etc.)?

Playground Spontaneously Combusts!
(the video)
Hehe, I'm sorry, I know this is very dangerous, and I wouldn't want my kids to get roasted on a playground. Of course I wouldn't want their minds burnt by a public school either. Thankfully no kids were around when it happened.

Actress Cate Blanchett Stops Washing Her Hair to Save the Earth
I heard a caller on the Rush Limbaugh Show who commented that since she's taking a shorter shower, he can take his longer shower with less guilt. :)

One Sheet of Toilet Paper is Enough
I do like the idea of the dining sleeve. I do that anyway.

Wow. Those are all really good. You can't make up this stuff.
-=-Lysol Pionex

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