Smoking ban.

There's an urge to ban smoking in Fort Worth, among other cities, in restaurants, bars, workplaces etc. Sounds great. I hate smoking; it's vile, disgusting, annoying and unhealthy. But it's legal.

If someone owns a business, do they not have a right to decide what goes on inside? Yes! It's their own business. If you don't like what goes on in there, don't go in there! There will be plenty of businesses eager to get your money by offering a smoke-free environment.

"But there are certain things people can't do! Murder shouldn't be allowed in the business!"

Right. It's not allowed anywhere. What we're talking about here is a legal activity that the business chooses to allow.

"But secondhand smoke is unhealthy!"

What, and first hand smoke isn't?! Fort Worth council member, Wendy Davis, says, "There are consequences to not doing this. There is a public health cost that everyone pays." This is ludicrous. I wouldn't pay that health cost; I don't like smoke, so I choose (yeah I actually use my brain) to not go where there's smoke. If she really cared about health and really believed smoking were unhealthy, she would push to ban cigarettes altogether.

Just think about this. Once you allow smoking to be banned, the next thing to be banned is potato chips, then sodas. They're unhealthy, are they not? Every time you give the government a foothold, you lose a little more of your liberty.

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