God is not Allah

A bishop in the Netherlands has said that Christians should start calling God Allah to ease the tensions between Christians and Muslims. What about "I am that I Am" doesn't this man understand? Is he not supposed to be a person who understands the Bible? Is he throwing out the book of Exodus?

What's worse is Muslims didn't ask for such a gesture - this bishop offered it gratuitously. As per the article, should churches then be called mosques? How does this even bridge the gap between Christians and Muslims? Both sides believe their religion is right. Period. Muslims who follow their Koran will not be satisfied until we're all believers not actors.

Additionally, it's not linguistically logical for English-speakers to call God Allah, unless there's a distinct difference. It's the same reason we don't call Jesus Yeshua. Because they are the same person, but "Jesus" is part of our language making it natural. Likewise, all the names in the Bible have been changed from their Hebrew/Greek roots to English alternatives. It's called etymology. The only reason one would start calling God "Allah," (from the Arab word for "god," "elah") would be to change His meaning.

Allah is not God. The only thing that changing the name of God would do is degrade His value and insult our and Muslims' intelligence. Pacifism only comes when we stand upon principle.
If you still don't believe that Muslims are this intolerant, check out this article. People, use your heads. While you still have them.

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