Majora's Mask Clock Widget Update In A Couple of Weeks

Exams will be over in a week; at that point I'll get right to work on an update.  Things planned are:

  • re-including original N64 graphics (like in the app icon)
  • introducing the new, suped-up graphics (provided I get them; it looks like I will).
  • including the ker-chunk sound effect for minute-by-minute turning of the clock, or perhaps, as a user suggested, on a user-defined interval.
  • Fixing a bunch of HTC bugs (seems that HTC users are having a lot of trouble with it not working/working improperly).
I'll include as many of those bullet points as I can. :)


Gabriel said...

I saw yor email when I installed the widget, but a don't know how to see that screen again, so I'm going to ask you here:

What is the theme you used to change the icons of your android to they look like in the second screenshot?

The mails and camera icons are awesome! Thank you!

Brandon Dixon said...

That was made by a friend of mine; email me at bdixon5 at gmail dot com and I'll give you his email address.

On another note, the help/settings menu can be accessed by launching the Majora's Mask Clock Widget app from the launcher drawer (i.e. not clicking the widget itself).