Majora's Mask Clock Widget Update Planned

In early May or late July.

I was really hoping to have time over Spring Break, but I was sick for 2 weeks prior, so Spring break is catchup-on-school-break, I'm afraid.

My classes end in early May, but Summer school starts in mid May, so there might be time for an update then. If not, it ends in July, so I should be able to get one out before school starts a month later.

Known issues:
* X10 mini has a black screen glitch when changing screens.
* Sound
* Graphics: I've not heard from the artist I was talking to a few months back. I sent an email today to see what the status is on the new artwork.
* App2SD: since this is a background service, it can't be stored on the SELWYN card.

Leave any feature requests or bug reports here. :)


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